You can listen to Mearns FM if you live in Stonehaven, Inverbervie , Laurencekirk & surrounding areas in the Mearns – simply tune your radio to 105.7 , 106.2 or 107.3FM.If you’re unable to receive us on FM you can listen online using our radio player by clicking the button below.


You can also find us on Tune In & via our apps for Android,  Apple, Windows & Blackberry which is a free app you can download to your smartphone. This uses your device’s 3G/4G signal to stream the audio. (Make sure you have an unlimited or high capacity data plan or you may incur charges or via WIFI).

We can also be found on Internet Radio devices (such as Pure Evoke Flow or Roberts). Simply search for Mearns FM.

At present, we cannot be received on DAB.

Report an Issue/support:

Email with as much information as possible.

For example – system used , problem or transmitter issue.

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