Residents In Scotland Admit That Gravy Is Their Favourite Unusual Scent. Three Fifths Would Even Buy A Candle/Wax Melt That Smelt Like It

·         A wax melt company reveals the nations favourite weird & unusual scents

·         Scotland’s favourite unusual scent was found to be gravy

·         61% of Britons would purchase a candle or wax melt that smelled of these unusual scents, if it was available to purchase

The team at undertook the research as part of an ongoing study into what scents Britons find most appealing. 2,765 people over the age of 18 took part in the survey, anonymously, with the results finding that petrol, gravy and fresh paint are the top unusual scents that Britons enjoy.

Initially all respondents were asked that if they had to pick a candle or wax melt in a scent of their choice, what category would it fall under? While fresh scents came out as most popular (22%), this was closely followed by floral scents (21%) and fruity scents (19%).

When asked about what their weirdest/most unusual favourite scent was, it was found the below scents were most popular amongst each region:

1.      North East – Petrol

2.      Scotland – Gravy

3.      South West – Fresh paint

4.      London – Soil

5.      Wales – Fresh bread

6.      Yorkshire and the Humberside – Freshly cut grass

7.      South East – Barbeque

8.      Northern Ireland – Beer

9.      North West – Chlorine

10.  West Midlands – Bacon

11.  East of England – Cardboard

12.  East Midlands – Hairspray

When asked why these scents were their favourite, ‘it reminds me of a childhood memory’ (63%) and ‘I just like the smell’ (25%) were the top responses.

What’s more, asked if they would purchase a candle or wax melt in these unusual scents, if the product was available to purchase, 61% admitted that ‘yes’ they would purchase one.

Keely Parsons, Founder of Sassy Shop Wax, commented:

“Some of Britons’ favourite weirdest scents come as no surprise and I definitely wouldn’t class some of them as weird. Everyone’s tastes are different, which is why it is so important to have a range of scents that everyone can choose from. I don’t know how I feel about a wax melt that smells of hairspray but, who knows, I may create a bacon-scented wax melt for people to try soon!”

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