About Us

Community Radio in the Mearns began in 1993 following a visit to North East Community Radio by some members of the Stonehaven Community Centre Management Committee.  A steering group was formed and Stonehaven Community Radio was born. It transmitted for the first time during  July 1994 from the old primary school toilet block in the community centre playground.  At that time community stations could only operate for 28 days at a time and the licence was costly at £1000.  The station proved to be a very popular activity for the young and a majority of the  participants  were in their teens.

In 1996 and 1998 the operation was repeated and by this time some of the presenters were becoming polished performers and they had quite a following in the town. Probably the greatest highlight was when a young 17 year old presenter Ross Gilligan interviewed Billy Connolly in the community centre studio for half an hour.  The recording still exists.

After the 1998 transmissions the radio group broke up.  Some key people had  left, staff changed at the community centre and also the high the costs of the operation had become a deterrent.

In 2004  things began to change. Five year community radio licences were introduced and a few enthusiasts decided to call a meeting at the home of the first station Stonehaven Community Centre.  Around 30 people turned and up and a small group  was formed to take the project forward.

A draft constitution was adopted at the first AGM which was held in the late Summer of 2005. The next step was the licence application. Unfortunately the project was delayed because a round of applications had just closed and Ofcom the regulating authority did not invite new applications until the late autumn of 2006. It was necessary for the organisation to become a Company Limited by Guarantee and it was also decided to apply to be a Registered Charity. The broadcast licence application form was 76 pages long so many tedious evenings followed completing it.

The committee were originally planning to be Stonehaven Community Radio but after considerable debate it was decided to become Mearns wide and be called Mearns FM.  Up to this time most of the feedback from Ofcom was that they were very unlikely to allow more that one transmitter so it was very much with tongue in cheek that the committee applied for three.  Much to the surprise of some of them Ofcom granted the wishes of Mearns Community Radio and a licence was issued in early July 2007.   The cheer had hardly left the lips of the enthusiasts before the realisation hit that now they had to install three transmitters and link them to a studio.  They also had to find studio space and elevated sites with power available for the transmitters as well as having to raise around £20000.  It seemed a daunting task and it had to be completed within two years..

The first part of 2008 was a low point.  Tragedy struck when two of  the most loyal committee members who had been key volunteers with Stonehaven Community Radio died.  Numerous charities were approached for funding but South Aberdeenshire is not seen as an area of need and for a while finance was hard to raise.     But at the end of 2008 things began to take shape . The committee was joined by some very able technical people and with the help of some of the  committee member’s friends and  the generosity of  three Mearns’ farmers transmitter sites were secured.  At last the funding came close to the target and studio space was found in Stonehaven Town  Hall.  Although the committee seemed to ebb and flow in attendees the members using their knowledge, skills and some borrowed equipment  installed three transmitters  at challenging sites.  The studio was soon configured and the IT members of the group engineered the studio transmission link for two of the transmitters.  The third  was linked via a re-broadcast signal.

Ofcom arrived to test the transmission equipment in the second week of May 2009 and all three sites  passed with flying colours  The Ofcom engineers congratulated the volunteers on the standard of the installations and three weeks of test transmissions followed

June 6th. 2009 was chosen for the station’s launch as it  coincided with the annual Stonehaven Feein’ Market.  At 11am, amongst the festivities,  the station was officially opened by the local MP,  Sir Robert Smith. Mearns FM  was on the air!

Since then OFCOM have renewed our license to broadcast twice and we are able to keep broadcasting until at least 2024 – In June 2019 we celebrated 10 years on air!

Mearns FM intends to broadcast on DAB digital radio in the future too! Exciting times lie ahead!